Karate Adults Karate Class

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The main goals of the Karate Adults classes are to teach well-rounded human beings. The ages range from 21+ and include, beginner, intermediate, advanced, and black belt levels.Through the Karate Adults Classes, Participants will improve their health and fitness through our class workouts and experienced training


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Use it or lose it.

How will you come out of Covid? A Chunk or a Hunk? If you are having a tough time getting motivated to exercise it is probably because you are thinking of boring workouts, endless repetition, and have no interest in jogging outside in the elements. But as we get older or even if you are in the prime of life you have to use your mental and physical muscles or they deteriorate. The good news is getting in shape can be easy and fun!  Amerikick Martial arts is the best way to lose weight, get stronger, lower blood pressure and gain muscle tone. Amerikick offers two exciting classes to trim down, get flexible and learn self-defense.

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